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Women's BMX class will return for the 20th anniversary event!

Simple Session has always been supporting the female riders. Our first women’s skateboarding competition class was back in 2006, but girls have been shredding the courses ever since the competition moved to Saku Arena.

The first BMX women’s class, which was called the “Sister Session“, made its appearance in 2012.  The girls were stoked to get to ride in front of a huge crowd and showed that they’ve got big tricks and deserve to be there just like the boys. It was the first time ever that women were able to take part in such a major event. A documentary movie about it, also named “Sister Session”, was played in Bicycle Film Festivals in 30 cities worldwide and turned out to be a great success. The girls returned to Estonia the following year.

Unfortunately due to the contest having a really tight schedule and hosting more than 180 athletes every year in only two days, there haven’t been more Sister BMX Sessions until now. However, 2020 will be the year BMX, especially Women’s BMX, will be bigger than ever before – it will make its debut at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. 9 men and 9 women will battle it out in front of millions of viewers worldwide and at the end of it all, the very first BMX Freestyle Olympic medalists will be announced.  And this is also the year female BMXers will shred at the Simple Session again.

Women’s BMX has grown a lot in the past couple of years, the number of competitive riders has multiplied, the level of riding has progressed significantly, there are more contests than many of the riders have the capability to attend, most notably all the FISE and Vans Pro Cup series in different parts of the World.

Now, Simple Session is delighted to welcome the girls back to Saku Arena to start the year off on the right note!



Minato Oike (JPN) – Japanese representative at the Olympic Games

Angie Marino (USA) – 2x Sister Session silver medalist

Teresa Fernández-Miranda (ESP) – multiple time Vans Pro Cup winner

Nikita Ducarroz (CHE) – 2nd overall at Vans Pro Cup 2019

Elizaveta Posadskikh (RUS) – three-time Russian BMX  champion

Arina Brabus (RUS) – sensational Russian BMX star

Katya Kruglova (RUS) – 2013 Sister Session contestant, street killer

Sasha Pardoe (GBR) – Best UK rider at Backyard Jam, two-time NASS silver medalist

Lara Lessmann (DEU) – 2017 Youth Olympics gold medalist

Macarena Perez (CHI) – Hopeful Chilean representative at the Olympic Games

Jana Muradova (NDL) – Dutch BMX champion 2019

Jennifer Wohlrab (DEU) – Skilled German badass