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Mike Varga

Instagram: @mikevargabmx

Age: 23

From: Canada, Oshawa, Ontario

Sponsors: Collective Bikes, The Space Brace, Samsbmxshop, Vans, Monster Energy

Top results

Simple Session 2015
Simple Session 2016

It seems like being named Mike helps a lot with spinning fast - Mike Spinner may have been the first to do quad tailwhips and 1080s, but Mike Varga was the one to nail 900 tailwhips and 1260s.



Competition Style Rank
Simple Session 2014 BMX Street/Park 5
Simple Session 2015 BMX Street/Park 2
Simple Session 2016 BMX Street/Park 3
Simple Session 2017 BMX Park 5
Simple Session 2018 BMX Park 15