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Friday, June 10 at 8PM


A place one must visit when in Estonia is the sauna – a place where the naked truth is revealed and the world is put to right, with conversation topics ranging from weather to philosophy. The first written records of the sauna date back to the 13th century in Northern Estonia and it’s been hot here ever since.

As moving traditional Estonian smoke sauna or Finnish sauna to Freedom Square might be a bit tricky these days, we’ve decided to replace this with a wood-fired hot tub and yes, we’re going to jump over it.

Ladies and gents, boys and girls, welcome to Visit Estonia’s Simple Sauna Session Jam on the Freedom Square (Vabaduse väljak 9)

Friday, June 10
Aprox times:

20:00–21:30 – Skate & BMX

Everyone is welcome to ride/skate or watch, no rider pass or ticket is needed!
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It’s also the final spot of the SS x StonedStreet x FTL BMX Street Jam.

· Best three riders/skaters in BMX and Skate will get to experience a night out at Parrot Restaurant –
· Extra prizes from INSTA360 cameras for Best Tricks in both disciplines

BMX jam is hosted by Darryl Nau and Karel Kaldasaun.
Kristjan Eier hosts the skate jam.

DJ support by Kristopher Luigend / Haigla Pidu 
Read more about Estonian sauna traditions:…/why…/sauna-ice-breakers