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Arturs Bogdanovic from Latvia had the hard task of being the first one on the floor, but the performances got crazier and crazier as time passed. Iconic Lizard King (USA) really got the energy levels up at the vibrant Põhjala factory park. Danny Leon (ESP) and Dario Mattarollo (ARG) showed a large variety of tricks, which the judges mostly look out for.

But it was the 23-year old Ivan Monteiro from Brazil who had the most focus, style, and variety and landed all his tricks perfectly. His first run earned him an outstanding 92.75 points and the highest spot on the podium.

Rišo Tury from Slovakkia was a very close second with two good runs (highest of them 90.5 points) and with his second run Alex Decunha (UK) snatched the third place (with 89 points) from Simple Session veteran Danny Leon.

“We love the arena, we love the course, there’s something for everybody,” the legendary Dave Duncan, one of the judges at Simple Session commented. “We also had a very good best trick session. Guys were doing crazy tricks, that’s what we like.“

On the rail Nolan Miskell from California was the best succeeding at a bluntslide down through the kinked rail. But the best trick went to Diego Fiorese from Italy. “He did a very creative, very difficult trick, he jumped down from highest wall with nollie heelflip to the steep ditch,” explained Duncan.