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Simple Session – 23 years of mad action!

Simple Session’s international activities introducing Tallinn and Estonia as attractive tourism destinations of action sports and culture are supported by the European Regional Development Fund (199 850 euros for three events 2023-2025).

Mark your calendars for Simple Session 23, returning to Tallinn, Estonia, from September 20-26. This year, we’re hosting a grand festival to deliver an unforgettable experience! The event will take place in the culturally vibrant Põhjala district, specifically within a converted old rubber factory. This intriguing location will add an extra thrill to the already exhilarating contest.

Prepare to witness a hundred of the world’s most skilled BMX riders and skateboarders compete on a newly designed 800m2 contest course by the renowned designer, Wessel. This exciting event promises a great display of talent, with athletes showcasing their creativity and skill in BMX and skateboarding.

Simple Session has always been synonymous with creativity, and hosting the series at Tallinn’s most dynamic venue will elevate the contest experience for athletes and spectators alike. We’re not just bringing the event closer to fans but also staying true to the essence of these sports and our roots.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. Simple Session 23 will also feature its notoriously amazing four-day party & concert program, running from Thursday to Sunday, September 21-24. The festivities will extend over seven days, from August 20-26, transforming into an all-encompassing festival experience. Expect live concerts, parties, film screenings, workshops, exhibitions, pop-up events, and authentic street jams. We’re looking forward to seeing you all in September 2023!


  • 100 of the Worlds best BMX riders and skateboarders from all over the globe
  • Two days of an indoor contest on a fresh 800m2 Wessel-designed course
  • Best Trick contests
  • Four days of parties & concerts (Thu–Sun August 21–24.09 Tickets will be available separately.)
  • VANS x LHV mini ramp jam (free entry!)
  • Jams on Wed–Fri 20-22.09 at Skoone Bastion, Freedom Square, and spots around Tallinn
  • Open Sessions
  • KÄT Studio’s ‘GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS’ Skate workshop day on Monday, 25.09
  • VANS DAY on Tuesday, 26.09 (TBD)

Boasting a history spanning 22 years, Simple Session is not only one of the longest-running action sports events in the world, but also one of the most celebrated and prominent brands in the BMX and skateboarding community. Loved by both fans and athletes worldwide, Simple Session is highly valued by everyone, from die-hard enthusiasts to video part riders and even Olympic competitors.

Simple Session was born in 2000, when brothers Risto and Mario Kalmre, alongside Piret Kull, launched this event series. Starting as a small-town competition, it has now blossomed into one of the world’s largest and most prestigious BMX and skateboarding contests, broadcasting to hundreds of millions of fans globally, all from the small nation of Estonia.

Being in the spotlight of the action sports industry and beyond, Simple Session has grown to become one of the world’s most international extreme sports events. Each year, it attracts around 200 top athletes from over 30 countries. Over the years, the event has played host to many of the world’s renowned professional BMX riders and skateboarding superstars, such as Tony Hawk, Sky Brown, Ryan Sheckler, Dave Mirra, and Daniel Dhers, along with hundreds of other VIPs and emerging talents in action sports.

As a beacon of Estonian action sports for over two decades, Simple Session is more than just a spectacular event in a massive stadium with bright lights. It encapsulates a myriad of elements that reflect the richness of the action sports culture. From video premieres and film festivals to live concerts, parties, photo and art exhibitions, workshops, and street jams, Simple Session offers it all. Above everything, it is a global gathering of friends, making it a unique and unmissable event in the action sports world.