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Simple Session’s most memorable moments from 2011 to 2022 are on display in the atrium of Tartu Kaubamaja until October 25th.

Although the event originally started in 2000 in a skateboard park built by a group of friends in Tartu – over the past 15 years, Simple Session has reached international prominence by attracting the absolute best in both skateboarding and BMX. This, in turn, has drawn the world’s top extreme sports photographers, whose works are now featured in this traveling exhibition.

Piret Kull, one of the competition’s organizers from Tartu, along with brothers Risto and Mario Kalmre, have selected 13 shots by extreme sports photographers capturing moments that remain vivid in the memories of organizers, competitors, and spectators. The exhibition has moved from the competition venue at the Põhjala factory to Tartu, where the event originally began, and it will return to its hometown in August 2024.

At the Simple Session exhibition, you can admire 20 thrilling photos from the winning podiums of skateboarding and BMX races, as well as intense moments in competition arenas and city streets. Renowned photographers such as Teddy Morrellec, Vince Perraud, and Eisa Bakos are represented, alongside Estonian photographers Artur Sadovski and Kris Süld. Additionally, photographers Ryan Fudger, Arturs Pavlovs, Hikaru Funyu, Merlin Czarnulla, Kaspars Volonts, Naoki Gaman, Nauris Dollins, and Kay Clauberg are also featured. This impressive roster of talented shutterbugs marks the significance of Simple Session, with numerous photographers capturing the event each year.

On the photographs you will see Boyd Hilder, Reed Stark, Alex Kennedy, Gaspar Guendulain, Rim Nakamura, Joe Jarvise, Jaime Mateu, Yurii Kortun, Greg Illingworth, Honza Navrátil, Andreas Taru, Austin Augie, Chris Gregson, Ben Hennon, Dave Duncan, Danny Leon, Lizard King, Krystian Malczuk, Filippos Kosmidis, Diego Fiorese, and Brandon Loupos – doing what they do best.

The exhibition effectively conveys the essence of Europe’s largest extreme sports event and the emotions of those who attended it. After being displayed at Tartu Kaubamaja, the photos will move to Viimsi Keskus in Tallinn, where they can be viewed from October 30th to November 27th 2023.

Simple Session was held at the Põhjala factory in Tallinn for the last time this year. In August 2024 (24-25/08/2024), the festival will take place at the Tartu Kammivabrik, and in 2025, for the 25th time, it will return to Unibet Arena.