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Skater Liam Pace took home gold at Simple Session 2022

(c) Nauris Dollins

What a fantastic skateboarding finals! This year’s Simple Session podium belonged to Liam Pace (USA), scoring 82.75. The second and third places belonged to 15 years old Hampus Winberg (SWE) with 80.60 points and Toa Sasaki (JPN) with 80.16 points. Steven Pineiro from Puerto Rico took home Sportland Best Skate Trick Award with a kickflip backside 360 indy grab over the volcano.


1. Liam Pace (USA) 82,75 points

Best trick: feeble 180 up the kink rail

2. Hampus Winberg (SWE) 80,6 points

Best trick: kickflip footplant

3. Toa Sasaki (JPN) 80,16 points

Best trick: hardflip backside lipslide


4. Matias Dell Olio (ARG) 80,03 points

5. Koffe Kroon (SWE) 77,66 points

6. Elias Nilsen (NOR) 76,66 points

7. Steven Pineiro (PUR) 74,66 points

8. Arturs Bogdanovics (LAT) 74,33 points

9. Remco Erkeland (NED) 72,16 points

10. Diego Fiorese (BRA) 72,05 points

11. Yam Behar (ISR) 72,00 points

12. Antoine Laurent (FRA) 69,83 points

13. Daniel Moragues (NED) 69,25 points

14. Onni Saltevo (FIN) 64,83 points


Sportland Best Skate Trick Award: Steven Pineiro (PUR) with a kickflip backside 360 indy grab over the volcano.


There were 41 skateboarders at Simple Session this year out of whom 14 were competing for the first place in the finals.