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For the 23rd year in a row, Simple Session has kicked off to master the action of skateboarding and BMX-riding. World top athletes of the respective sports are in Tallinn and the main event takes place 23rt to 24th of September at Põhjala, the old rubber factory area in Northern Tallinn.

Being as urban and cool as ever, the event has moved back to its roots – to the city streets and legendary landcsapes of Tallinn. Simple Session is a week long festival that includes open and free street jams, official skate and BMX competitions at the indoor arena as well the evening program with famous parties around town. This year 105 riders from 28 countries show their magic at the 800 m2 skate park designed by Australias Nate Wessel.

This year Simple Session kicked off Thursday, September 21st at the well known Vabaduse square in Tallinn old town – a place that’s been always loved by skaters and sportsmen alike. So for one afternoon the place became a legit dream-come-true for outdoor street skaters and BMX enthusiasts. A fun event called Simple Session x Visit Estonia Jam was held under the mellow September sun. The kings of the skate jam were crowned as follows:

* mvp Dane Burman, 36 from Australia for best tricks at the course.

* highest sticker slap award went to share between Tristan Rennie, 25, and Kevin Kowalski, 31, from the USA.

* best BMX riders at Freedom Square were Boyd Hilder, 27, and Alex Hiam, 28, from Australia.

On Friday starting at 2 P.M local time the Skoone Bastion DIY skatepark Street Jam will be held and the event is open for both BMX riders and skaters. Everyone is welcome to take part. There will be a downhill race, fastest lap and longest ollie competition and best rail and box jams.

There will be 44 skaters, 62 BMX riders of whom 8 are women and 16 estonians to compete at Põhjala arena. Women compete separately at Sister Session event on Saturday, September 23rd. For the first time there’s and Estonian girl Liis Lokk (20) competing along with the world names such as Angie Marino, 33 from the US and Minato Oike, 26 from Japan.

The skaters list at the qualifications on Saturday involves among others Aaron “Jaws” Homoki, 33, Chris Gregson, 32 from the US, Danny Leon, 28, from Spain and a 13-year old Julian Jean-Agliardi from the States.

BMXers list is long and shiny – we got X-games medalists and olympians to show off what they can do with their bikes. So among all the great guys there is Courage Adams, 27, from Spain, Felix Prangenberg, 25, from Germany, Joe Jarvis, 26, from the UK, Reed Stark, 30 from the States, to name just a few.