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Adrien Bulard

Instagram: @adrienbulard_

Age: 30

From: France, Rouen

Sponsors: Jart Skateboards, Nike SB, Reell, Ethika, Paris Skate Culture, Léchoppe Skateshop, YOYO Bearings, Krysp

Stance: Goofy

Top results

Simple Session 2010

A backside tailslide down the infamous El Toro stairset? Adrien's done it and it speaks more of his skating than any words could.



Competition Style Rank
Simple Session 2010 Skateboard 1
Simple Session 2015 Skateboard 11
Simple Session 2016 Skateboard 4
Simple Session 2017 Skateboard 12
Simple Session 2018 Skateboard 19
Simple Session 2019 Skateboard 26
Simple Session 2020 Skateboard 9