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Andres Lainevool

Instagram: @andreslainevoolbmx

Age: 32

From: Estonia, Tartu, Eesti

Sponsors: vans,

A legend in the Estonian BMX scene, a fan favorite at Saku Arena for more than a decade!

An aggressive, yet still smooth style always makes him a treat to watch and his ability to shred anything means you can’t just put him under one label. How many other riders can do perfect 900s and 180 frontflips while also doing some of the hardest peg moves, nose manual combos and handplant 180 over spines on command? This wild variety has earned him a good spot in the stacked Simple Session finals quite a few times.



Competition Style Rank
Simple Session 2009 BMX Street/Park 19
Simple Session 2010 BMX Street/Park 16
Simple Session 2011 BMX Park 21
Simple Session 2012 BMX Street/Park 25
Simple Session 2014 BMX Street/Park 12
Simple Session 2015 BMX Street/Park 52
Simple Session 2016 BMX Street/Park 21
Simple Session 2018 BMX Park 24
Simple Session 2019 BMX Park 30
Simple Session 2020 BMX Park 28
Simple Summer Session 2011 BMX Street/Park 21