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Angie Marino

Instagram: @a_ngiemarie

Age: 34

From: United States of America, Buffalo, New York

Currently resides: San Diego

Sponsors: Canyon Bikes, VANS, Cult Crew, The Bloom BMX

Top results

Simple Session 2012
Simple Session 2013

Angie Marino has been at the forefront of Women's Freestyle BMX for many years and keeps pushing the sport to new heights.

She runs a girl’s BMX website, is in the USA Olympic team and has been competing at every major contest, including our Sister Sessions in 2012 and 2013, where she took home the silver medals both times.

Noted by ESPN as one of the top 50 Female Athletes in Action Sports
Named 17th in ESPN’s X Games Most Unstoppable Women in action sports
Featured in the Film Bad Moms
Featured in 2019 H&M Spring Launch
Featured athlete in Vans BMX Path to Pro Cup Series
3rd Place 2017 UCI BMX World Championship
2nd Place Overall in 2018 Vans BMX Pro Cup Series
5th Place Overall in 2018 FISE World Cup Series
2nd Place 2018 UCI BMX World Championship



Competition Style Rank
Simple Session 2012 Women's BMX 2
Simple Session 2013 Women's BMX 2
Simple Session 2020 Women's BMX 5