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Irek Rizaev

Instagram: @irekrizaev

Age: 25

From: Russian Federation, Kazan

Sponsors: Red Bull, Toyota Push the Limit, Red BMX Co

Top results

Simple Session 2018

The Russian madman Irek Rizaev is one of the best BMX Park riders in the World.

There must be something in the Russian water or Irek just has time slowing magic powers while he’s in the air – he can fit so many tricks in a jump that it seems unreal. This ability has taken the young gentleman all around the globe and made him a household name in the World of BMX.

The Red Bull rider has been a constant Simple Session finalist, but so far hasn’t managed to bag the Gold medal.



Competition Style Rank
Simple Session 2014 BMX Street/Park 75
Simple Session 2016 BMX Street/Park 5
Simple Session 2017 BMX Park 10
Simple Session 2018 BMX Park 2
Simple Session 2019 BMX Park 8
Simple Session 2020 BMX Park 10