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Reed Stark

Instagram: @youscaredstiff

Age: 30

From: United States of America, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Sponsors: BSD Forever, Sweets Kendamas, Etnies, Rawr Superfoods, Plants Basically, Parachute Papers, Artiphon

Top results

Simple Session 2017

Reed Stark is a professional BMX rider for BSD, a Kendama player for Sweets, a clothing designer for his own Safari State brand, and rides the line between genius and insanity in the best way. He is a true maverick, finding happiness and taking it with him to share with others no matter where he is. Reed is always down for the next Safari, traveling the world whenever the opportunity arises and inspiring others to always full send. He also makes sure you don’t forget to take your superfoods before you pass out and again when you wake up. Life is too short to not feel great mentally and physically.

Reed’s energy has no match, always a familiar face in the Simple Session finals and many times on the podium! And in recent times also DJ-ing at our afterparties.



Competition Style Rank
Simple Session 2016 BMX Street/Park 31
Simple Session 2017 BMX Street 2
Simple Session 2018 BMX Street 4
Simple Session 2019 BMX Street 16
Simple Session 2020 BMX Street 4
Simple Summer Session 2018 BMX Street 5