Osta pilet

2003, the year @apple launched iTunes and riders all the way from Denmark and Germany showed up for the last ever Simple Session main event held in its hometown, Tartu. Foreigners came and dominated in every discipline except for Aggressive Inline – not a well-known fact, but Estonians were and still are the kings of rollerblading, which you can obviously tell when walking on the Pirita promenade on a beautiful summer evening. ☀️#themoreyouknow ⁣

BMX Dirt was upgraded from one jump to three jumps and a roll-in, so this time you not only didn’t have to pedal from across the skatepark, but you actually had to stay on the bike for a couple of jumps for your run to count. Latvians managed to figure out what the judges were looking for and stayed consistent at that snatching up all the podium spots. ⁣

Finnish skaters Jani Mäkelä, Harri Puupponen, Timo Kuulusa and Jouni Salo took the top honours in skateboarding. Flatland wizards Martti Kuoppa and Viki Gomez came to demonstrate their skills and judge the contest. German BMX badasses Robert Krömig, Markus Wilke and Sascha Claussen showed what was possible at the skatepark on a bicycle. In fact, a vast amount of stunts they did back then were still being discussed at the spot almost 15 years later. ⁣