Osta pilet

2007 was one of the most important years in the history of Simple Session for many reasons:

Dave Mirra, a key person in the history of BMX, the man who shaped the sport into what it is today, paid a visit to Estonia and the Simple Session course. It’s obvious why that’s still a highlight of the event to this day. We miss you dearly, Miracle Boy.


The second huge milestone for the competition that year was the same course and its design that Mirra got to lay his wheels on. This was the first year another legend in the game, Nate Wessel designed the skatepark and came to build it himself. Nate’s own fast and gnarly riding style has given him the ability to see lines nobody else would see and it’s quite clear he’s putting that skill to use when designing some of the best skateparks in the world for Woodward, the X Games and so on. Also, for the first time, there was an Open Day for the local people to enjoy the high-level skatepark once the competition was done and dusted.



There was a high air competition on a massive quarter, where two speed-maniacs, Josh Harrington and Sebastian Keep tried to aim for the roof. Josh actually made an impressive appearance on the whole course with his signature fast-paced lines, blasting to the moon and back. Unfortunately, one of those landings wasn’t exactly the softest kind and made him take the top podium spot while having his face covered in bandages. A moment to remember for sure.

For cinema fans, there was a proper Simple Session Film Festival. During the three days of it, a wide selection skate and BMX movies were screened in two cinemas. The movie list included Men At Work (first Estonian skate movie, 1999), Flybikes “Dos” premiere, Mirraco short movie premiere, Fitbikes “Fitlife”, Volume Bikes “On the clock” European premiere, Hoffman Bikes “Broke off”, “A mul meeldõb” (Estonia 2006, premiere) and many more.