Osta pilet

By 2008 Simple Session had become a world-famous event and many of the top athletes wanted to come and see what the competition had to offer. This meant an incredible line-up like never seen before: Garrett Reynolds, Daniel Dhers, Scotty Cranmer, the Napolitan brothers, Morgan Wade, Brad Simms, Gary Young, Dan Lacey, Colin Mackay, Mark Webb, Chase Hawk, Ty Morrow, Dave Freimuth, Ruben Alcantara, Cory Nastazio and others in BMX; Sierra Fellers, Chris Pfanner, Axel Cruysberghs, Chris Haslam, Georges Agonkouin, Tony Tave, Peter Ramondetta and many other well-known names in skateboarding.  It was definitely one of the coolest years we’ve had. The crowd was crazy, the venue was all sold out, there was another Movie Festival and just a lot of other wonderful stuff going on.


We had a pre-event interviews video on the internet, which spread like wildfire and instantly turned everyone a fan of Chase Hawk and his… frontflip abilities. You know what we’re talking about. And if you don’t, go check it out from the link in our bio, it’s pure gold in two parts.


When it comes to the competition itself, a lot of epic stuff was going down. There was a savage 180 long jump competition on the rather slippery floor, but that didn’t hold the guys back one inch. Ty Morrow and Garret Reynolds ended up in a tie in the end.


08 Interviews: https://vimeo.com/2165975