Osta pilet

This year, the MasterChef Nate Wessel cooked up a fine, more street flavored masterpiece of a skatepark. This brought in a wide selection of the best street riders that wanted to get a taste of it all, and as far as we know, a large majority of them were loving it. Even the undisputed STREET-weight champion of the world Garret Reynolds made his second appearance. Yes, he won again. Axel Cruysberghs the wonder kid from Belgium took home the gold medal in skateboarding while being only 14 at the time.


Red Bull BMX Best Trick award went to the man who can bunnyhop your neck, Ty Morrow, who busted out a massive bunnyhop 540 down the Red Bull gap over a handrail. Jeremy Rogers banged out an impressive switch fs tailslide 270 out in Snickers Skate Best Trick contest. Simple Session 09 got its own TV show – Simpel Session TV, which had 4 episodes that introduced the competition and its athletes to the wider public before the event. The competition was starting to show really great statistics – 10,000 spectators and 180,000 live viewers. The riders were enjoying how crazy into it the fans were and in turn, they had to offer them an even better show. Wherever you looked in the crowd, you could see fan-made flags with their favorite riders’ names on them.


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