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Simple Session celebrated its 10 year anniversary event!

To celebrate the anniversary, a DUK documentary about the early days of BMX in Tartu (1997-2000) was released along with a retrospective series on Vimeo that included all the Simple Session contests so far.

Skateboarding superstar Ryan Sheckler made it to Estonia, but due to a previous injury couldn’t compete. The crowd wasn’t let down though because Maxim Habanec(5rd), Kris Vile(4th), Sami Miettinen(3rd), Tim Zom(2nd), Adrien Bulard(1st) delivered a spectacular show for the skateboarding fans.

On the BMX side of things, newcomers Drew Bezanson(1st) and Brett Banasiewicz(2nd) made an impressive appearance – Brett spun around a huge 720 tailwhip and Drew did the most precise footjam on a railing right in front of the judges. Dan Lacey did a mind-melting 360 hangover toothpick on the a-frame rail during the Best trick competition.

Simple Session 10 made it on Brazilian ESPN.




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