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The competition was getting very intense – Brett Banasiewicz was banging out World’s Firsts such as the Cash Roll Turndown and the Cash Roll Tuck No Hander, while the leading champion Drew Bezanson decided to take a different route to the course – he entered the arena with an enormous caveman drop-in from the judges’ tower railing and did a barspin to icepick on the lower part of the very same railing.


Red Bull Highest Bunnyhop was won by Ty Morrow, who managed to clear a whopping 117cm/46.1 inches.


Ryan Sheckler, the skateboarding superstar came back, this time all healed up and won both the street-park competition and Snickers Best Trick with a Frontside Bluntslide to Backside Flip out on the big flat rail.


Aaron Ross and Tom “Dang Dang” Dugan had to miss out on Simpel Session 11 because of the big snowstorm in the US and thousands of flights being canceled. They sent in a video greeting that was shown on the big screen and LIVE webcast.


Simple Dream movie with Kristjan Aasmäe:

Following the dream-come-true story of an aspiring local BMX-rider Kristjan Aasmäe. The film was selected for the program of the 2011 Bicycle Film Festival in 26 cities worldwide. The BFF 2011 events were attended by 225,000 bike lovers.


Simple Session was put in the Skateboarding World Cup series for the first time.

Magazine Sahtel Simpel Session special edition.




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