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The competition changed its name to Simple Session and became the most popular action sports webcast with nearly 1 million unique viewers.

Women’s BMX class named “Sister Session” was added to the competition for two years and a movie named after it was played in Bicycle Film Festivals in 30 cities worldwide.

Drew Bezanson activated his psycho-mode and did a huge Cannonball Ninjadrop off the Nescafe scissor lift. Harry Main pulled a massive 1080, which was followed by the announcer repeating “Mida v&%/u?” (what the f &%/), which he had learned the night before at the club. Then, during the award ceremony, Harry asks one of the girls to kiss him on the cheek, but snatches a quick kiss from her instead.

Gabe Brooks stepped it up in the Highest bunnyhop competition and did a 124cm/49inch hop. / Rest in Peace champion!


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