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By 2013, technology had evolved quite a bit from the days the first live broadcasts were done and people were looking for more. And a partnership with Microsoft on Xbox gaming consoles allowed just that and for the first time the broadcast was in full HD quality.


And it wasn’t just the technology at home, these days most people were carrying smartphones in their pockets and that also meant a rise in viral dance moves, dance moves didn’t belong only to the dancefloors of the clubs anymore. During Ben Snowden’s second run the “Harlem Shake” song came on and everybody went wild with it on the course!


Fortunately, not everybody had their eyes glued to the small screens of their fresh smartphones, so Simple Session decided there was still a reason to release its own newspaper. Also, people were still keen to see film premieres at the cinemas, so Subrosa’s “Get Used To It” was amongst the highlights of the festival.

It wasn’t just the technology that was getting more complicated, it was also the tricks because Michael Beran brought out the world’s first 360 bikeflip to tailwhip, Kevin Peraza pulled the first-ever Double Decade Air and not only did it blew everyone’s minds, but it also earned young Peraza a sweet gold medal.


Kyle Baldock, on the other hand, wasn’t as lucky. He nailed perfect runs in the qualifiers but got knocked out for a couple of seconds in his first finals run. Like a true warrior that he is, he gave his all in his second run as well but passed out at the end of it. To everybody’s surprise, he still made it back on the course for his final trick, a Double Flair attempt. The man is a beast.

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