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Just like the previous year shone with world’s firsts at the contest, this time was no different – Nick Bruce pulled the first 360 double tailwhip to downside tailwhip. Unfortunately, 2013 champion Kevin Peraza didn’t do as well this time even after qualifying first. Kevin was doing one of the wildest frontflips down a crazy step-down, but overshot it in his first Finals run and went down hard. The concrete floor of Saku Arena wasn’t forgiving to the riders this year and the American Vinny Mannino got a lot to think about after jumping straight over the volcano and casing it, which resulted in a very serious accident proving helmets to be really important.


The course was a really memorable one and is said to be one of the favorites so far. It featured a huge see-through rainbow, a mini “pool” section, a volcano, two Shadow Conspiracy coffins and an Estonian flag ramp that found some pretty impressive uses.


Female skateboarding superstar Leticia Bufoni came to Estonia to compete along with the boys. It sparked a desire to try skating in many girls and definitely a rise in the market for bandanas as accessories.


Red Bull House Media became Simple Session’s live broadcast partner.

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