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Simple Session celebrated its 15th anniversary with a big change, the contest moved to the freshly opened Tondiraba Arena. This turned out to be a great challenge because it meant a big change in the logistics and even the locals had a hard time finding the place or where to get food from. The small shops nearby were suddenly full of people buying chips.


Simple Session 15 featured an hour and a half long documentary on NBC channel in the Red Bull Signature Series that reached over 120 million homes in the USA. Hosted by Sal Masekela and commented by Chris Doyle and NBC’s Todd Harris.


Drew Bezanson secured his 5th win at Simple Session with a wild caveman to barspin drop-in. Mike Varga came second with a 900 barspin, Kevin Peraza third. In the skateboarding competition, the Frenchman Robin Bolian took home the gold, Danny Leon silver and Egor Kaldikov bronze.

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