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In 2016, the contest moved back to the good old Saku Arena and was represented by XDubai for the first time. This made for some fun medals to give out to the best athletes. Speaking of the best athletes, an absolute legend in the world of BMX came to congratulate Simple Session on its Super Sweet 16 – Mat “the Condor” Hoffman visited Simple Session as a judge. This was also the year the very same scene lost another one of its legends, Dave Mirra. As Mirra was known for riding a gold-plated bike at X Games, riders began painting their pedals gold in remembrance of their hero, and this was a thing at Simple Session as well. #goldpedalsformirra


A wide range of skateboarding stars showed up as well: the super creative skate magician Richie Jackson blessed the country with his majestic whiskers; Greg Lutzka, Nitro Circus skater Beaver Fleming and many other top-level athletes including one of the best females Leticia Bufoni made their way back to Simple Session 2016.

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