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In 2017 the competition was opened by the first female president of Estonia, Kersti Kaljulaid, and Kelly Sildaru, multiple time X Games gold medalist in Freestyle skiing. You know you’ve done something right when the president wears your brand’s shirt!


This was also the year something else had to be done right – the judging and giving credit to those who deserve it. BMX was split into two separate disciplines for more fair judging as many of the street riders were feeling their technicality wasn’t rewarded as well as the speed of the park riders.  Another excellent change was having the Estonian and Russian BMX qualifiers at the competition park a day before the official Practice days. This allowed another way for more fair judging and having the best-suited representatives at the main event.


While most were scared of the massive spine ramp right after the jump box, Larry Edgar shone brightly on it while aiming for the roof and taking the win in BMX Park. The Nitro Circus skater Beaver Fleming proved that skateboarders can also blast a jump box and go upside down. He also took the flip to that insane spine ramp.


Visit Estonia ice hockey SKATE vs BMX was introduced to the program as a side event and it became somewhat of a tradition for some of the athletes. The first year felt more like the guys were just learning to skate on the real ice, but that only meant a bunch of laughs for everyone involved! Another highlight of the SS17 side program was the We The People “Foundation” premiere.

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