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Tony Hawk and Bam Margera came to Simple Session. Margera and Austin Augie got a bit more than just a taste of the local nightlife and ended up having to wear sunglasses for the rest of their stay in the country.


Women’s Skateboarding class was brought back and the supertalented young Wondergirl Sky Brown took the win. She and her brother were all over the Estonian media, maybe getting even more attention than the old legends, who had their own special skate jam. Skateboarding movie “Skate Kitchen” about American female skateboarders screened in Apollo cinema and in other cities around the country after the event.


Kenneth Tencio started his runs with one of the most insane flip drop-ins and for sure kept the crowd on their toes. The Australian rider Boyd Hilder really showcased his skills by not only competing in both Street and Park but also bagging the gold medal in the later. His one-handed superman seat grab became an instant favorite amongst the BMX riders and pretty much a highlight of the event. Tom van den Bogaard went all in during the Pumped BMX Best trick competition with 360 quadruple downside tailwhip attempts – he was so close to landing it, but eventually got quite a good idea of what the concrete floor tasted like and couldn’t ride in the finals.

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