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Brad Simms

Instagram: @brad_simms

Vanus: 37

Pärit: Ameerika Ühendriigid, Waldorf, MD

Resideerub: Waldorf, MD

Sponsorid: Canyon, Adidas, Sram MTB, Fiveten, Rock Shox, Maxxis Tires, TDL bike, 5050 BMX, Industry Nine, Mucoff

While most BMXers get a few opportunities a year to visit exotic places around the world to ride in contests or film for videos, Brad Simms has made traveling his full-time gig. He hooks up with riders all over the world to get a local’s view of the sights and experiences, all the while riding unique spots and logging epic footage. Brad’s ridiculous pop and hard-charging street antics are legendary. Thanks to his wanderlust, they’re known worldwide.

Brad Simms needs no introduction: known for his pure, raw power on BMX, Brad is now making his mark as a mountain bike athlete as well. Born in Waldorf, Maryland, Brad has been riding BMX professionally for over 15 years, crisscrossing the globe in search of unique lines and cultural experiences. He has connected with fans through hard-charging, authentic, and physics-defying content. Brad has also earned the sport’s most sought-after accolade – the NORA Cup BMX Reader’s Choice Rider of The Year (in 2020).



Võistlus Stiil Koht
Simple Session 2008 BMX Tänav/Park 20
Simple Session 2013 BMX Tänav/Park 103
Simple Session 2014 BMX Tänav/Park 95