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Felix Prangenberg

Instagram: @felix_prangenberg

Vanus: 25

Pärit: Saksamaa, Cologne

Resideerub: Cologne

Sponsorid: Wethepeople, Eclat, Monster Energy, Kunstform, Vans, Our House, Doomed Brand, Heavies Denim

Stance: Regular

Parimad tulemused

Simple Session 2019
Simple Session 2020

Felix is the BMX Street winner at Simple Session 2019 and 2020! Real X Games video part gold medalist and X Games contest medalist Felix Prangenberg has emerged as both a podium threat and one of the best in the biz when it comes to video parts: don't miss his Real BMX 2021 entry and new WeThePeople video part. He's covered in tattoos, loves hardcore punk music, rides like a demon, and is also one of the nicest, mellowest dudes you'll ever meet. Felix is also the 2021 NORA Cup Street Rider and Readers Choice Rider of the year. A massive achievement!



Võistlus Stiil Koht
Simple Session 2014 BMX Tänav/Park 32
Simple Session 2015 BMX Tänav/Park 27
Simple Session 2016 BMX Tänav/Park 27
Simple Session 2017 BMX tänavasõit 8
Simple Session 2018 BMX tänavasõit 25
Simple Session 2019 BMX tänavasõit 1
Simple Session 2020 BMX tänavasõit 1