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Jordan Godwin

Instagram: @jordangoooooodwin

Vanus: 26

Pärit: Suurbritannia, Gwent, Wales

Resideerub: Gwent, Wales

Sponsorid: WeThePeople, Éclat, Doomed Brand, Etnies, Crucial BMX Shop, Monster Energy

Jordan Godwin is probably the best BMX rider to be born and raised in Wales, UK. He takes technical street riding to a new level and he’s constantly pushing the boundaries of what can be done on handrails. When Jordan isn’t grinding up handrails you will find him doodling with a notebook on ideas for his clothing brand Doomed. Jordan is all about having fun on and off his bike.



Võistlus Stiil Koht
Simple Session 2017 BMX tänavasõit 30
Simple Session 2018 BMX tänavasõit 10