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Danny Leon

Instagram: @danny_leon

Vanus: 29

Pärit: Hispaania, Madriid

Sponsorid: @redbullskate @vazvagram @globebrand @prodglifestyle @jartskateboards @becaspodium @welcomeskateshop

Stance: Goofy

Parimad tulemused

Simple Session 2015
Simple Session 2017
Simple Session 2020

Danny has made a name for himself now all over the skateboarding world. Keep an eye out for tweaked out kickflip stalefishes, boned out backside airs, and one footed ollies to tailbash. Not bad for a youngster whose introduction to skateboarding was something of a fluke: he happened upon a construction project, and thought it was a swimming pool. Turns out, it was a skatepark, and young Danny Leon asked his parents for a board. The rest, as they say, is history.

Danny has been coming to every Simple Session since 2015, bagging three podium spots.



Võistlus Stiil Koht
Simple Session 2015 Rulasõit 2
Simple Session 2016 Rulasõit 6
Simple Session 2017 Rulasõit 3
Simple Session 2018 Rulasõit 6
Simple Session 2019 Rulasõit 14
Simple Session 2020 Rulasõit 1